Episcopal Youth Community

The Episcopal Youth Community

Spring 2017


10                   Trinity Underground                             Trinity Church           8-11pm

12                   EYC Meeting  (Movie Night)                Trinity Church           6-8pm

19                   Evensong                                             Trinity Church           5-8pm

26                   EYC Meeting                                        Trinity Church           6-8pm

28                   Shrove Tuesday Talent Show               Trinity Church           TBA



5                     Ski Trip                                               Perfect North              12-6pm

12                   EYC Meeting                                      Trinity Church              6-8pm

17-19             Happening #56                                    Cathedral Domain       N/A

19                   EYC Meeting                                      Trinity Church               6-8pm

24                   Trinity Underground                            Trinity Church              8-11pm

26                   Rock Climbing                                    Rock Quest                 1-4pm



2                EYC Meeting  (yoga)                                Trinity Church               6-8pm

9                EYC Meeting                                            Trinity Church               6-8pm

15              Community Dinner                                   Trinity Church               3-7pm

21              Trinity Underground                                  Trinity Church               8-11pm

22              St. George’s Day                                      Cathedral Domain         N/A

30              EYC Meeting                                            Trinity Church                6-8pm



6                Underground Railroad Museum               Freedom Center           11am-2pm

19              Trinity Underground                                  Trinity Church               8-11pm

21              EYC Meeting (Senior Day)                        Trinity Church               6-8pm

26-29         EYC Camping Trip                                    Red River Gorge           N/A


Summer 2017

June 11-17    Senior Conference                            Cathedral Domain    

June 25-1       Junior Conference                             Cathedral Domain    

July 11-14      Episcopal Youth Event                     Edmond, Oklahoma  

July 13-16      Wild Goose Festival                           Hot Springs, NC         


Trinity Episcopal Church of Covington Kentucky
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