Ware Window

The Ware Window


The double-lancet window is a memorial to Sarah Gofton Ware (1893-1961), and Elmer Petty Ware (1893-1960). Dedicated on January 27, 1963, it is, again, the work of the Riordan Studio, given by the children of Sarah ("Dimples") and Elmer, who were energetic and dedicated participants in the life of Trinity Church. Sarah was an accomplished artist, painter and etcher, whose work is seen in the illuminated pages of the Book of Remembrance,and Elmer a member of the Vestry, advisor in legal and financial matters, and a Diocesan trustee for the Unviersity of the South, Sewanee. Two sons, Frank Gofton and James Donald were donors of this memorial. The basic themes of these panels are the Epiphany and Jesus in the temple. The medallion of the left lancet depicts Mary and the Infant Jesus visited in their stable shelter by the Three Kings, Matthew 2: 9-12. And in the medallion of the right lancet the boy Jesus is shown conversing with the elders in the Temple, Luke 2: 45-50. The symbol above the medallion in the left window is the illuminated Greek Cross or the bright star that guided the Magi and below are the fleur-de-lis symbol for the Holy Trinity and a ruby red cross symbolising Phillip, the Apostle preacher. Above the right window panel is shown a seven-branch candle holder symbolizing the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the six days of Creation and the Day of Redemption. Below are the sacred monogram IHC, the symbol of "Jesus," and the windmill which commerates the Apostle St. James the Less. The window was designed by Mr. James Taylor in the Riordan Studio.