What Is St. Agnes House?

St. Agnes House provides economical lodging for patients and their caregivers who have traveled to Lexington seeking treatment for serious illnesses. It was established in 1975 by the Society of St. Margaret, an order of Episcopal nuns, in conjunction with the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington, and the University of Kentucky. The house was served by the Society of St. Margaret until 1992 and is now staffed by lay persons and volunteers, including many UK students.


It is within walking distance of the University of Kentucky Medical Center. Several other major hospitals are nearby.


With its homey, non-institutional atmosphere, St. Agnes House provides a sanctuary of hospitality in which guests can feel safe and cared for.


You can support the ministry of St. Agnes House by participating in a shower for St. Agnes House, which is being held in conjunction with the Diocesan ECW Fall Luncheon on October 30 at St. Andrew’s Church.


The wish list for St. Agnes House includes linens, cleaning supplies, non-dairy creamer, sugar, dryer sheets, etc.

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David Deng Mayom, one of the "lost boys of the Sudan" and a frequent worshipper at Trinity will speak at the Adult Forum Sunday, October 24, after the ten o'clock service. He will tell about his trek when age 7 from his village in the Sudan to refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya, and eventually to the US. He will also inform us about the referendum planned for January. All along the way, David's faith and the outreach of churches has been part of this journey.

Please join us.

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