Episcopal Relief and Development - Hurricane Harvey

If you are considering a donation to relieve those suffering from Hurricane Harvey, please visit the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund website at : and click on the box that reads “News Release: Hurricane Harvey—What can I do to help?” There are also forms available in the office. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office at 431-1786.

Summer Choir

The final Summer Choir is this Sunday (August 27).

Rehearsal is at 9:30 am for 15 minutes.  We will be singing "So the day dawn for me"

by David Ashley White (Wonder, Love, and Praise: Hymn 750).  We sit in the congregation

for the service and gather by the organ at the Peace to sing during the Offertory.  

All ages and voice parts are welcome (this hymn lends itself to singing in parts).  

Clergy Statement on Charlottesville

20 August 2017

Dear Members and Friends of Trinity Church,

A week has now passed since racial violence erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia. During that time, we have all been bombarded with disturbing images, words, and opinions that often confuse more than they clarify.

One truth, however, is beyond question: white supremacy is evil. Adding our voices to the chorus of faith and civic leaders, we strongly denounce fascism, racism, and anti-Semitism in all their manifestations. Such ideologies are anathema to the central tenets of our faith. As Christians, we believe that every human being is a child of God worthy of dignity, respect and love. More than ever, it is important to publically acknowledge this incontrovertible truth.

Having taken this first step, it is challenging to know what to do next. While we may be tempted to meet hate with hate and violence with violence, this brings nothing more than empty satisfaction. Instead, our faith calls us to seek justice and reconciliation through nonviolence and loving service to others.

This may seem like mere religious rhetoric. It is not. We know too well where the path of hate and violence leads. It is only by following the way of Love that we can hope to escape this destructive cycle and begin building the beloved community that Christ promises.

In the coming weeks and months Trinity Church will create opportunities for honest dialogue, public witness, and direct action to promote justice and reconciliation. While this may discomfort us, we believe this is the good work that God calls us to do. As always, we pray that the Spirit grants us strength and courage in all that we undertake.

In Christ,

The Reverend Peter D. D’Angio, Rector

The Rev. Justin E. Gabbard, Interim Curate

The Rev. Joe W. O’Brochta, Deacon

The Rev. Anisa Cottrell Willis, Priest Associate


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